Mopping & Polishing


Automotive paint is designed to reflect light to create the dazzling shine we see in most new car showrooms. If your car were washed daily and kept indoors 90% of the day, the shine would last for years because there would be no surface contamination to dull, stain or oxidize the finish.

Today's clear coat finishes look faded whenever the surface becomes contaminated by airborne pollution, acid rain, industrial fallout and countless other factors. If the contamination isn't removed frequently, it reduces the reflective quality of the finish until it looks dull and lifeless. If the contamination is left on the car for some time, it can begin to etch into the thin clear coat paint layer and expose the base coat to direct UV rays and even greater damage.

Mopping and Polishing will restore your cars paint back to that showroom shine removing small surface scratches and contaminants.


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